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    The dress is happy considering its cost) it is convenient, easy. It is light, but synthetics, so in the heat it is not particularly like, but at + 25 the most it!


    The dress is beautiful and has a gorgeous floral print, but it is semi-sheer, so you need to wear underclothing that matches this color so it doesn’t show underneath. Also, the size I ordered was too big, but I decided to keep it since it comes with a cloth belt that I can tie at the waist to give me shape and let the rest of the dress be loose.




    I love it. i get there in less than a week.


    The dress arrived stamattina, to 1 month exact from the order. Unfortunately the imagination is not one that I ordered, was the 1 ^ photo Black with flowers diagonal mi light and instead the seller has sent out the black one with flowers large orange, the last photo. Sin, fantasy mean very much and about me certain large flowers are not good, I look like my grandma! The size is perfect, slightly soft. Now, if you allow I wash the dress and then the indossero' for photos. Nevertheless 5 star seller to quality, price and shipping speed. However are very glad. Thank You.☺ And here's the dress, washed, ironed and worn. The fabric is cotton blend, dries quickly and falls well. For safety I choose the bigger size, so I wore the dress as coat, above a pants. As Soon As I have time, the clasp just a little, so wear it just like dress. Printing flowers was accurate, I wrong I look at the other fantasies, obvious that the cutting of the fabric can not be equal for all, therefore can't come identical on all models. For this about me I have the impression that the print flower is different, but the colors match. The model is just what I ordered. Much thanks to the seller, which I highly recommend.